X-Spots are one of the most versatile court shapes in the world! Comes as a set of 6 with each shape measuring 14″ inches long.

X-Spots Drill Ideas

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Like the common expression “X marks the spot”, OnCourt OffCourt created X-Spots in two sizes to help add more fun and variety to drills and games in all sports and movement activities. Use your own creativity or borrow some of the ideas on the drill sheet.

Simply adjust the exercises to the age and skill level of the individual athlete or to the group being trained. X-Spots come in “Stoplight Colours” like many of the other court shapes to help guide players towards moving forwards to finish points. For that purpose, lay them out along the sidelines with red signifying the zone where players hold steady and compete with some defence, yellow as the decision-making area, and green as the “go zone” to be aggressive and close out points.

You can also use them for movement drills by having athletes hop on one foot or two around all four sections of the X-Spot. And, for extra fun and skill building, the coach can blow a whistle to signal the players to change directions!

Comes as a set of 6 with each shape measuring 14″ inches long.

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