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The PIXIO system includes the robot, tag, silicone wristband, 3 beacons + small tripods, batteries, chargers, plugs for the UK.

Please note that the PIXIO has a 3/8″ tripod screw fitting.

No camera, tripod or bag is supplied unless the appropriate option is selected:

Option 1: PIXIO System only (includes robot, beacons, watch & chargers)

Option 2: PIXIO System + tripod

Option 3: PIXIO System + transport bag

Option 4: PIXIO System + tripod + transport bag

Option 5: PIXIO Sony Ready to Film Pack (PIXIO System + tripod + Sony HDR CX450 video camera)

Option 6: PIXIO Sony Ready to Film Pack + transport bag

Option 7: PIXIO Canon Ready to Film pack (PIXIO System + tripod + Canon Legria HF G50 video camera)

Option 8: PIXIO Canon Ready to Film pack + transport bag


Options 1 – 6 in stock for immediate dispatch!

Normally dispatched same day by next day delivery service in the UK for orders placed before 12 noon on a working day, otherwise next working day shipping.

Options 7 & 8 are on back order – delivery normally 5 – 7 working days

If you have any questions please get in touch – info@connectedclubs.co.uk

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PIXIO: Your Personal Auto-Follow Camera for INDOOR & OUTDOOR activities

PIXIO Robot Camera System is the world first auto-follow camera to film both INDOOR and OUTDOOR. It tracks the watch, films and zooms in & out automatically. Now you can film more often, independently, without the assistance of a cameraman. Film sport, rehearsals, actors, pastors, conferences, events…!

PIXIO can track a watch with the same performance inside or outside.

Take advantage of unrivalled INDOOR & OUTDOOR range from 3 to 330ft (1m-100m). No line of sight required!
Enjoy video opportunities with unlimited creativity!

With a compatible camera (refer to the complete list), PIXIO adjusts the zoom automatically, in real time, in order to keep the same frame size around the subject being filmed.
How does it work? At any moment with the watch at a distance of more than 5 meters from the camera, you can go behind the PIXIO and press + and – to set the frame you like. Nothing else. This frame will be kept automatically when the watch distance increases or decreases. The setting is saved into memory and you don’t have to do it again the next time you use your PIXIO.

PIXIO is designed for many applications. From fast-paced sports to conferences: high responsiveness, accuracy, softness of movements.

PAN: Rotations 360° endless. 120°/s max (45mph at 30ft; 72km/h at 10m). Manual TILT rotations +/- 10°.

Any standard camera can be used for both indoors and outdoors. This is very important for you to have the latest features and the very best quality from renowned camera brands. With one of the compatible cameras you add the auto-zoom and the remote control of the ‘record’ from the watch and from a smartphone.
The camera is connected to the robot with a custom cable. PIXIO is provided with a “Multi” cable for recent SONY cameras. Other cables are available in the online store.
PIXIO can support cameras up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Check out the complete list of supported cameras here

Control everything you can imagine… As a sport coach… As a video responsible… As an artist…
Choose who is filmed, from which camera. Choose the zoom level, activate/deactivate the auto zoom.
Deactivate the auto-follow mode and set your own frame.
Configure the tracking smoothness. Change the LED power…
(Remote Control App. is optional and free, PIXIO can work without the app.)

All recent cameras can stream the video with their WiFi connection to any internet device, or their HDMI plug to a converter box and a computer, or a streamer box with 4G capability. And because standard streaming services have a random delay of 10 to 60 seconds, we also offer a complete pack for Live Coaching, with about 1 second of delay


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