Tennis players who have worked with the Heavy Trainer RAVE

“Some days you just pick up your racquet and it feels too heavy. Having the Heavy Trainer in your tennis bag and then using it to take shadow swings prior to practice eliminates this feeling and makes you feel like you can generate more racquet speed. You can even hit balls with it! More racquet speed, more power, more confidence in your swings – that’s a good feeling for any player. A fantastic training aid that’s so simple to use , a must for your kit that will last a lifetime.”

Simon Youl Former Top 100 ATP Tour Pro, National Academy Head Coach Tasmania Australia

“My tennis pro brought it to one of our workouts. I am a 4.5 player and he had me try the Heavy Trainer to help me increase my racquet head speed and exaggerate my follow through. It really works!”

Boca Raton, FL, USA

“I owned a large tennis shop in DC for 22 years. I’ve always been a fan of heavier rackets. One summer I started adding lead tape to the sides of the head of my racket and continued to add it as I played one tournament after another. At the end of the summer I had over 8 feet of lead tape and my racket weighed as much as Lendl’s rackets. Won over 10 tournaments that summer. Teaching young kids, I always believed that by using a heavier racket, they learned to let the racket do the work, because their muscles weren’t strong enough to muscle the ball like an adult would do when learning. That way they learned to follow through and turning the shoulders on the forehand is the only way they can get a long follow through to drive through the ball. I give free lessons to the kids in my development. I get 10-20 3-6 year olds and I’m going to use Heavy Trainer to help the kids that need to slow the swing and drive through the ball. I don’t teach trying to hit topspin to the younger kids because I want them to be consistent groundstrokes and this device will be an immense help for their swing path.”

Fred Drilling USPTA Tennis Professional: Asics Tennis Rackets & Shoes

As do cricketers…

Biju George, who served as fielding coach for India’s U19 World Cup and Asia Cup teams, has already introduced the Heavy Trainer to players at his coaching center in Trivandrum, Kerala.

One in particular, “is a current first class player for Kerala, he holds the record for maximum runs in one over in domestic one-day matches,” says George. “He not only noticed rapid improvement in bat speed, but also increased flow and power generation in the strike zone.”

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