The Heavy Trainer can be used for Lacrosse players of all level, positions, and ability levels. This unique item can improve a Lacrosse player’s game by building both player strength and flexibility. The 175g Heavy Trainer (about the same as a lacrosse ball) slips over the grip and attaches to the throat of any lacrosse stick, so there is no need for any additional equipment. A player trains with the stick he or she is used to swinging without compromising the technique of their shooting and passing movements.

Watch Kyle Buchanan of the New England Black Wolves Demonstrate the Heavy Trainer

NLL Player joins the Heavy Trainer Team

Thanks to the great design, the Heavy Trainer does not slip out of place regardless of the force used to execute a shot or a pass. In addition to being suitable in all shooting and passing situations the Heavy Trainer can be used by goalies to improve their strength and hand speed, and defensemen practicing improving their defensive stick work.

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