Your at home tennis club!

Accelerate your tennis practice at home and feel like you’re on court!

Billie Jean King’s secret was practising until she got it right and focusing on the ball. Now with her Eye Coach you can get the same quality practice safely from your own home. Enjoy the feeling of hitting perfect balls and even work with your coach remotely.

With Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, you only need 10 feet of space to practice 17 different shots plus topspin and slice.

5 minutes of Eye Coach ball-striking equals 1 hour of hitting on court.

This is the perfect way for individuals or families to practice together during these times and then transfer skills back to the court.

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is available with fast delivery and training videos to help you get the most out of your progress. If you already have a coach who can help you remotely even better!

If you would like a call to find out more please enter your details below. We would also be pleased to hear from coaches looking to help their students improve from home and keep teaching during this time.

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