Wrist Racquet


Feel the wrist action needed for more powerful shots!

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Watch the video clip by clicking on the video to see the Wrist Racquet in action!

The Wrist Racquet is designed to give players a feel for that elusive wrist action that is quick and whiplike to generate the fast racquet speeds needed for powerful groundstrokes and serves. In simple terms, proper tennis technique comes for the whole body working like a unit. However, the final and most important link is the wrist. It’s the same biomechanical principle used by baseball pitchers, football quarterbacks, golf tee shots, and even slap shots in ice hockey. The Wrist Racquet hinge simulates what happens to the wrist on groundstrokes and serves. After a few swings, players gain a feel for the wrist and can integrate that movement much more easily into their own strokes.

egarcia3434:  “This is beautiful as it explains the mechanics of the wrist when hitting the modern powerful forehand like Federer and Nadal”.

-Unsolicited quote posted on the Oncourt Offcourt YouTube Channel for the Wrist Racquet.


“Have you ever wondered what it feels like to hit with the whiplike action that the top pros experience on every shot? Now you can.”
          -Joe Dinoffer

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