Whip Strips


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Whip Strips

Very few sports training aids combine visual, kinesthetic, AND auditory guidance and feedback at the same time. Whip Strips perform this function for all shots in tennis while players are actually hitting tennis balls! The concept of the Whip Strips is similar to the other Oncourt Offcourt training aid called Swing Strips, but our Whip Strips actually attach to a racquet and players hit balls with the strips attached to their frame. This gives the player a recognizable and quickly transferable feel for improved racquet head acceleration and a more correct whippy motion on groundstrokes and serves, i.e. more swing speed. Note that when we use the term “whippy” we mean it in the correct sense and not in the sense of a slapping whippy swing that sprays balls everywhere!

A correct whippy racquet action assists racquet head acceleration for more power and spin with the proper utilization of the wrist as part of the kinetic chain. This action can effectively increase ball control and consistency. The clip is easy to use. Just look for the groove on the side of the clip, slide or insert the opposite part of the clip to securely fasten the Whip Strips to your racquet. The clip is plastic and will therefore not scratch the racquet. Use for the serve, groundstrokes, and any stroke where you want increased racquet head speed.

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