Swing Strips


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Swing Strips help players swing more smoothly to improve timing and increase power! Think of graceful Chinese ribbon dancers and you’ll understand our Swing Strips. The best tennis players are fluid and graceful, with relaxed strokes in continuous motion. Choppy and tight strokes generate little spin and power. While using the Swing Strips, try to keep them in continuous motion. Then, like any other training device, switch to your regular racquet and maintain the same relaxed fluid swing. Great for private and group lessons, as well as Cardio tennis classes.


“The best players swing effortlessly, with fluid and relaxed strokes. The problem is that most players are simply too tight and teaching relaxation takes a lot of time. The Swing Strips are a solid training aid for individual and group tennis classes to help players get the fluid strokes they need to improve.”
-Joe Dinoffer





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Swing Strips, Swing Strips – Set of 4

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