Servemaster Academy Pack of 3


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  • 3 Ball: 425g total weight, 255g in weighted end, 27″ long
  • 2 Ball: 350g total weight, 170g in weighted end, 25″ long
  • 1 Ball:  255g total weight, 85g in weighted end, 23″ long


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Servemaster Academy Pack of 3

This package contains all 3 ServeMaster tennis training tools: (1) One Ball, (1) Two Ball & (1) Three Ball. Get everything you need with this package! Great for families with different aged players at different levels, use in camps, programs and lessons.

Package includes the 1-Ball, 2-Ball and 3-Ball ServeMaster:


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1 x 1 Ball ServeMaster, 2 x 1 Ball ServeMaster, Coach Pack 12 x 1 Ball ServeMaster

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