Numbered Cones


2 sets of cones numbered 1 to 4.

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Watch the video clips by clicking on the video to see the numbered cones in action!

Numbered Cones make movement drills, target drills and decision-making drills easy.  Tennis would be easier if you had more time in between shots to decide where to hit. Time is short and decisions must be quick and intelligent.

Here are two examples of exercises using Numbered Cones:

* Play against a ball machine with one cone in each of the quadrants across the net. Before the fed ball lands on your side, call out the number of the quadrant you are aiming for.

* Place two cones on each side of the net behind the service lines. Rally with a partner with each of you calling out the number you are aiming for.

Package includes 2 sets of cones numbered 1 to 4 along with a 24-page game booklet.  Each cone is 9″ high.  Extremely durable.

Numbered Cones Drills for Tennis

Numbered Cones Drills for Physical Education

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