Mini Airzone


Center-of-the-net target system.

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The Mini Airzone System is another innovative and versatile target training system from Oncourt Offcourt founder Joe Dinoffer. The full Airzone System extends from singles sideline to sideline and is ideal for group drills and also for full-court arc and depth training. The Mini Airzone is the only center-of-the-net target system that is designed for players to combine drilling with arc and spin while also being able to attack with more pace and less arc if hitting down the line. Create unlimited live-ball practice situations or use it with a ball machine.  The 10-foot wide Mini Airzone System includes both a bungee and a net.  With the bungee in place, players can drill either over or under that bright yellow guide.
 The unique features of the Mini Airzone System include:
  • 10-foot durable net target
  •  Bright yellow bungee cord
  •  Waterproof aluminum telescoping poles
  •  Convenient and durable zipper carry case 

Mini Airzone Instructions

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