Hexo Agility Rings – Set of 6


Great for movement and fitness training!

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Hexo Agility Rings – Set of 6

The set of 6 Hexo Agility Rings are each 19” in diameter and serve a multitude of purposes for movement and fitness training, as well as creating high-visibility targets on a tennis court. They clip together and pull apart very easily to create a wide variety of shapes. Just use your own imagination to create footwork drills or try some of these:

  1. Set up the Hexo Agility Rings in a straight line to simulate a footwork ladder and use for a multitude of common exercises or create your own.
  2. Create a hexagon and have athletes jump in one direction or another, hopping on one foot or two, or just have them side-step.
  3. Create a hexagon and perform any of the exercises just listed, but blow a whistle or call out “switch” to direct the runner to change directions.

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