The Complete Guide to 10 and Under Tennis


4 hours of activities, interviews, and guidance for coaches and parents

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The Complete Guide to 10 and Under Tennis is a 4-hour DVD package in 10 parts.

Part 1: Tennis & Schools – Physical education expert Dr. Bob Pangrazi discusses the relationship of tennis to schools.

Part 2: Young Kids & Sports – Founder of Gary Avischious shares a lifetime of coaching wisdom.

Part 3: How Young Children Learn – British children’s tennis specialist Mike Barrell lucidly explains how children learn.

Part 4: Instruction & Programming – Butch Staples, Craig Jones, Anne Pankhurst and Mike Barrell reveal their secrets.

Part 5: Long-Term Well-Being of Children – Mike Barrell shares key markers in the development of healthy young athletes.

Part 6: Tennis Carnivals – Tony Reyes, founder of PASS in Phoenix, shares ideas on how to run a tennis carnival.

Part 7: Grants – The story of Woody Wonka in Michigan illustrates how USTA grants are put to use.

Part 8: Group Lessons – This section features Joe Dinoffer’s DVD “9 Keys to Group Lessons.”

Part 9: Organizing Large Groups – This part consists of Joe Dinoffer’s DVD “Fun with large Groups.”

Part 10: Closing – Gary Avischious shares some final coaching advice to parents and coaches.

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