Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

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Simply the fastest way to better tennis. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach point of contact training system will take your game to the next level and (more importantly) make tennis more fun!


Perfect for coaches looking to accelerate player development. Full support to grow and develop your programme.


2017 TIA Innovation Challenge Finalist


Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach

Point of Contact Training System

Which model is right for you?

Players training on Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach should ideally make contact with the ball just below the shoulders. So players 4’2″ and taller should use the Pro model, while those shorter than 4’2″ should use the Junior model.

Billie Jean King's Eye CoachEye Coach Pro

For players 4’2″ or taller

Adjustable Height: 32″ – 39″
Weight: 13.7 lbs.
Includes: 17-shot training video, training manual, 50,000-hit guarantee

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach

Eye Coach Junior

For players 3-6 yrs. or shorter than 4’2″

Adjustable Height: 28.5″ – 30.5″
Weight: 13.5 lbs.
Includes: 17-shot training video, training manual, 50,000-hit guarantee



 A family pack is also available containing an Eye Coach Pro and Junior Conversion Kit

8 Reasons the Eye Coach is the best way to improve your tennis

1 – It solves the major problem in tennis

If you’re not tracking the ball and focusing at contact properly, no amount of fancy footwork or power in your stroke can help you.

Using the Eye Coach at home for 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks means 5000 extra hits to train exactly HOW to keep your eye on the ball.

2 – Reduced distractions

Because the Eye Coach eliminates the distractions of getting the ball over the net, learning is concentrated on eye strength, stroke and balance.

3 – Repetition, repetition, repetition

The faster correct repetitions are performed, the faster the improvement. You can get 7x more hits with the Eye Coach than with traditional coaching methods. What used to take years to learn now takes weeks.

4 – Works at all levels of play

The Eye Coach is the only system that can be used by pros and beginners alike. Eye strength is a skill every player can improve (yes, even Federer).

5 – No slipping back

Use the Eye Coach to maintain play levels between coaching sessions. In fact, in just 30 minutes a week, you’ll actually improve your skills!

6 – Powerful instinctual learning

Instinctive reactions are the most powerful athletic movements in the human body. The stronger your eye at contact, the more you can tap into and utilize these instincts to become a better player much faster.

7 – Simple instructions

The Eye Coach system uses easy to follow instructions.  That may not sound important—but it speeds up processing time and allocates precious mental resources for learning.

Science Based. USTA Tested. Player Approved.

Lenny’s ‘Head Shifting’ Journey

This video shows the journey Lenny Schloss has been on working with students around the country to help them fix their head shifting problem. 1/10th of a second being still at contact makes all the difference in the world.

The Perfect Ball Feeder

The only portable ball feeding machine provides a still ball for technique instruction and a moving ball for on and off court timing practice.

The head shifting prematurely from the Point of Contact™ is the number one cause of loss of balance, power, accuracy, and slower rate of learning. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and ball feeding system solves this problem by training the eye to stay focused on the ball at the Point of Contact™.

Scientifically engineered to do the following

  • Stop the head from shifting on 17 different shots
  • To simulate live ball play
  • Allow the coach to focus more on coaching and less on ball feeding
  • To be used as a ball feeder on court and a practice partner between lessons
  • Allow the coach to teach from 3 feet away when needed
  • Perfect for all levels; red ball to high performance plus cardio tennis
  • Feeds 300 balls in 10 minutes with no ball pickup time wasted (that’s a whole basket)


Coaches around the world and their students love Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. The point of contact training system allows students to feel the technique they are learning fast whilst having fun!

The video below will help you to get the most out of using Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Ball Feeding System in your lessons. You will see 16 different drills that can be used in all of the following areas: warmups, cardio groups, stroke technique, footwork, agility, tactics, camp stations, private lessons and more. Students hit a minimum of 150 balls in 5 minutes, big or small groups with no ball pick up.

In addition to the benefits of high intensity exercise students will learn your instruction 40% faster.


9 Reasons why you need The Eye Coach

1 – Great tennis technique is only learned through correct repetitions

The Eye Coach is designed so you can hit the ball more accurately, more often. The more you hit, the faster you learn. A little practice is all you need. You’ll see dramatic results using it a few minutes every week!

2 – Experience what top players see and feel

The more you practice, the stronger your eye. The stronger your eye, the stronger your game! It all starts at the point of contact. When you can focus correctly on the ball when you connect, you’re going to have better balance. Without proper balance, you won’t be able to hit with all the power and accuracy possible.

3 – Learn Faster

Practicing 30 minutes at home is equal to 6–10 hours of live court practice.

4 – Fits into your busy schedule

No need to drive to a tennis court—train at home at your convenience.

5 – Build Confidence

By removing visual distractions, The Eye Coach amplifies your own abilities to self-correct. You’ll play more confidently, especially under pressure.

6 – Practice 17 different shots

Advanced players and beginners alike can improve 17 specific shots. The Eye Coach is great for every level of player to help get in the zone.

7 – Great for kids and family at home

Play together! The Eye Coach is a quick and fun way to play together at whatever level you play! And learning “when to swing and when to look” also directly improves motor control in other ball sports.

8 – Have more fun

You’ll feel an improvement in your game practicing 10 minutes a day. As your mastery and confidence grows, so does your enjoyment.

9 – We’re here to help you

When it comes to improving your game, we’re right behind you. We’ll be sending you training videos and regular updates on improving your technique, tactics and timing.

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach & the Science Behind it


The science that supports the benefits of the Eye Coach was conducted over a period of 15 years. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach was born from studies by an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute on the difficulties of keeping the eye at the point of contact in ball sports. Over 500,000 hours of on-court trials have been performed to test the advantages of using Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Over 15,000 participants contributed to the thorough testing of the Eye Coach.


These studies and tests have shown that instinctive movements (vs. mechanically learned) are the most powerful actions we can use in ball sports under pressure. They are triggered externally (visually) and primarily by the ball.

The Eye: EPOC

80% of the information we need to play ball sports is dependent on our visual system receiving the correct feedback on time. The majority of the mistakes we make in tennis are a result of the eye shifting away from the point of contact too soon. This shift causes our weight to transfer improperly which directly effects the stroke, rate of learning, and improvement. We have approximately one second to scan, track, and focus at contact correctly for each ball. If we can restore, reinforce, and strengthen the eye to stay on the player’s side of the ball until after contact, these movements in tennis become instinctive.

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach: 5,000 EPOC balls in 5 hours

It takes 1,000s of correct repetitions to retrain our muscles. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach restores, reinforces, and strengthens the eye to correctly scan, track, and focus at the point of contact. If you practice for just 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks, you will hit 5,000 EPOC reps in 5 hours.

Our studies show that after 5,000 EPOC repetitions, you are able to achieve the eye memorization needed to play and feel the difference. We confidently GUARANTEE that in 5 hours, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach will strengthen your eye at contact, improve your power, accuracy, and increase your rate of learning in almost any stroke in JUST 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks!

What are tennis professionals saying about the Eye Coach?

Kirk Anderson: USTA Director of Nationwide Recreational and Coaches Programs

  • International Tennis Hall of Fame Merit Award
  • Racquet Sports Industry Tennis Person of the Year
  • USPTA Master Professional

After seeing the Eye Coach in action, there is no doubt that by strengthening the eye at contact the Eye Coach will develop non-players into tennis players very quickly and help all levels improve faster! The best part is that you can use The Eye Coach “at home” in a small space without the need of a court and a cart of balls. Positive repetitions are the keys to faster learning.

Jim Baugh: The Sporting Life’s “most powerful person in tennis in the past 25 years”

  • Former President of the TIA and USTA Board Member
  • Sports & Fitness Industry Association Board Member
  • Developed breakthrough successful technologies at Wilson & Prince

The BJK Eye Coach is the missing first step in tennis. Training the “eye on the ball”, while learning the skills, is revolutionary. This is a true breakthrough in tennis for both players of all levels and for their coaches. After seeing and experiencing it for myself, I feel that we now have a motor learning pathway to rapidly improve tennis performance and to get more people enjoying the benefits of the exercise.

Linda LeClaire: Mental and Energy Coach for Olympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics

  • Foremost authority on Tennis Confidence
  • Mental coach for Top 10 Men and Women Pro Tour Players
  • Keynote International Speaker on Tennis
  • Coached at all four Grand Slam Tennis Events

Repetition of positive thoughts coupled with action, is a key component for building mental toughness and healthy minds. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach builds positive repetitions, thoughts and actions with each stroke. I’ve worked with athletes in tennis for over 30 years. This is a tool I highly recommend!  Automatically, clears the mind of distractions one stroke at a time!  An amazing “mental rehearsal workout” 5-8 minutes a day that really works!

Jeff Wilson: Certified World Class ATP AND WTA Pro Tour Coach

  • Currently coaches 3 Top 100 Ranked Players in the world
  • Former Coach at Duke and Georgia Tech Universities
  • Former club Director of Tennis and 10 year club owner

The BJK eye coach has shown me a new way to reach the best players in the world. The usage of this amazing device has led to a major improvement in the physical balance, quality contact and consistent shot production for some of the best players on the WTA. I coach 3 players in the top 100 in the world. Their rankings have improved since their introduction to this technology. They have all made finals of a WTA tour event since using this device! I am excited at the future prospect of enhancing more world class players faster with this addition to my training.

Builds minds, bodies and communities

“We want to bring the benefits of the Eye Coach to every community!”
– Billie Jean King

“The Eye Coach brings a whole new level of energy and focus to group settings.”
– Lenny Schloss

Tennis Clubs

Not only does The Eye Coach improve individual player performance, it will boost your business. Your clientele will improve much faster, and that will lead to increased loyalty and word quickly being spread.

  • All the coaches on the same page! Consistency and quality control are built in!
  • Increase the number of players at group sessions
  • Increase coach income without adding to workloads
  • Improve mood and motivation as coaches witness the improvement of their clients
  • Increase holiday camp registrations
  • Build a valuable reputation for being forward thinking and innovative


The Eye Coach is an excellent tool for schools. It’s a quick, easy and fun way to exercise, so students return to their studies more focused and energized. Moreover, the Eye Coach is a brain-based motor learning system. It helps build critical brain-body connections for better hand-eye coordination, balance and focus for all ball sports.

  • Combines exercise and motor-skill learning
  • Builds confidence and focus
  • Perfect for high cardiovascular training drills
  • Motor learning skills are applicable to any sport
  • Inexpensive alternative to outdated or overused exercise equipment
  • Quick to set up to maximize play time
  • Can be used year-round
  • Safe to use with large groups—no flying balls!

Choosing your Eye Coach

Q: What’s the minimum age for using the Eye Coach?

A: Three year olds have the eye hand coordination system for catching, hitting and throwing. These skills are ready to be developed with the Eye Coach Jr.

Q: What’s the minimum height for using the Eye Coach?

A: Players up to 4’ 2 tall should use the Eye Coach Jr. Players taller than 4’, when the ball height is below shoulder height, should use the Eye Coach Pro.

Setting up your Eye Coach

Q: How much space do I need to set up my Eye Coach?

A: All you need is 10 sq ft to have a total workout and improve.

Q: Is my Eye Coach portable?

A: Yes – your Eye Coach can fit in a racket bag and weighs only 4.5 kg. It takes 3 minutes to set up or take down.

Practicing with your Eye Coach

Q: How long should I practice in a session?

A: No more than 10 minutes. That is the equivalent to 90 minutes hitting on a court.

Q: Can I use the Eye Coach for warming up?

A: The Eye Coach is a great way to warm up quickly. You need just 3 minutes rather than 30 minutes of traditional warm up time.

Q: How important are the 1 minute instructions to read before the video?

A: They are the key to using your Eye Coach properly and achieving your fastest improvement.

Q: Can I use under spin with the Eye Coach?

A: Absolutely, you can develop perfect under spin technique with your Eye Coach.

Q: Can I hit full speed with ground strokes, volleys and approach shots?

A: Yes – you can, and should, practice at exactly the intensity you are going to play – the Eye Coach will absorb the top spin you apply.

Q: When should I look up or over to insure balance at contact?

A: Just after contact or when the racket passes your eye.

Q: If it’s stationary, can the Eye Coach help me with my footwork and getting to balls across the court?

A: Yes – tracking from across the net is instinctive. We do it naturally. The problem is we focus too soon. The Eye Coach re-trains your brain to not stop tracking until the last 3 feet. In this way your eye is focusing only at the contact point just like the pros. That is the breakthrough and why we need an Eye Coach at home.

Using the Eye Coach with groups and multiple players

Q: How many students can train with a coach on the machine?

A: You can use a single Eye Coach to train up to 8 students. 8 students will hit as many balls in 5 minutes as 3 and 6 will hit as many as 2, compared to feeding the ball by hand or racket.

Q: Can different level players practice at the same time and get the same benefit?

A: Absolutely yes. Beginner and advanced players can practice at the same time. Both get a great workout and improve with equal speed. In fact it’s even better when 2 practice at the same time!

Eye Coach warranties and replacement parts

Q: How long does the training ball last and how much are replacements?

A: The normal life is around 12,000 hits. Eye Coach will replace any faulty ball mechanism within 12 weeks. Replacement balls are £10.00 including shipping and handling 

Q: How long does the arm last and how much are replacements?

A: The normal life is around 50,000 hits. Eye Coach will replace any faulty arm within 6 months. Replacement arms are £35.00 including shipping and handling

As with all products parts of your Eye Coach will eventually wear out. To keep it is perfect condition we recommend changing the ball every 12,000 hits (3-6 months) and the arms every 50,000 hits (1-2 years). We can also supply replacement hardware and power discs.

If you have purchased an Eye Coach recently and require replacement parts we will replace the ball free of charge within the first 2 months and the arm within the first 6 months.

To purchase replacement parts please follow the links below:

Replacement Ball

Replacement Arms

Replacement Hardware

Replacement Power Disc

Additional information

Weight 6.25 kg
Dimensions 82 x 19 x 13 cm


Eye Coach Pro, Eye Coach Junior


1 Eye Coach, 2 Eye Coaches, 4 Eye Coaches, 8 Eye Coaches

3 reviews for Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Connected Clubs

    The Billie Jean King Eye Coach is a fantastic tool as part of both group and individual tennis lesson allowing you to close to your students and teach technique. The speed of improvement for both beginners and more advanced players is dramatic.

    Hugo Allen – Coach at The Lifestyle Centre

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Eye coach is a very good product that I regularly use on my tennis lessons. I use it for a lot of specific technical exercises and I also think it’s the best way to optimize my group lessons by using it for the waiting time of my player.
    Thanks for this product

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lori Burdell

    Oscar Wegner uses these teaching aids at the club I run in Clearwater, FL. It is a wonderful and physically sturdy teaching aid that isn’t restricted to any hitting style. I recommend this product to all teaching professionals everywhere!

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