Adjust-a-Hurdle – Set of 4


Hurdles are great plyometric training for athletes in all movement sports. Adjustable to 6, 9 and 11 inches in height. Set of 4.

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Adjust-a-Hurdle – Set of 4

The Oncourt Offcourt Adjust-a-Hurdle Set comes in bright orange as a set of 4 adjustable hurdles.

3 distinct advantages of this hurdle system over any other hurdle include:

First, it folds flat for easy packing and travelling.

Second, that each hurdle can be adjusted to 3 different heights. This allows coaches and athletes to save money since the hurdle height can easily adjusted to accommodate the improving skill level of each individual athlete.

And, third, that the same set of hurdles can be shared between athletes of different skills in the same class or workout session. Height adjustments are quick and easy!

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