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With the Heavy Trainer you can be creative with your training being careful to avoid injury. It is perfect for shadowing shots to build muscle memory and increase swing speed. It can also be used to practice hitting balls for a short period of time as a warm up.

We will shortly add a range of drills to this page and also some videos of how to get the most out of your Heavy Trainer.

If you have found an innovative way to train with the Heavy Trainer please let us know.


The Heavy Trainer provides many benefits. The universal design makes it easy to fit your own Tennis Racquet, Lacrosse Stick or Cricket Bat. For best results, start out with half swings at half speed and slowly build up to full swing at no more than 75% full speed.

  • Build muscle memory that you can’t get at the gym
  • Create flexibility with a full shoulder turn
  • Increase your racquet, ball speed, and bat speed

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